Welcome maus fren!

Hey maus fren! Thanks for stopping by and checking out the goods. 
This shop is run by a one woman army and her two trusty rat companions, Oscar and Henry. While Ilinca, the Rat Lady, creates all the goodies you see here, Oscar and Henry are hard at work chewing on her sketchbook and brushes and making a mess with their snacks. Naughty!

Since this is a small team at work, sometimes your orders may take a couple of extra days to post, especially if you are international. Why? Because the international post office is open at weird hours and the only time we can go by is Saturday. Sometimes life gets in the way and we miss that tiny window (mainly during comicons) which means we may not be able to send that order out until the following Saturday. So if you are ordering gifts please make sure to order a few weeks ahead of time to ensure timely arrival.

If you have questions feel free to message us and we will start putting together a q&a section for future inquiries.

If you’re looking for more ways to support the Rat Lady and her ratties, check out Patreon.com/ratladyart for the monthly blog and the monthly stickers and enamel pins subscription! 


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